iHexView was developed to support the controls programming projects here at Controls Soft. After trying several Apps from the store, I found that none of them meet my needs, and I decided to create one that was more suited to the types of devices that we programmed. Over the years, iHexView has more than proven to be a useful tool to help debug and develop programs.

Often during development, the programmer will need to input data into a function call where the input is expected as one radix (Base). However, the documentation will list the value as a different radix. This tool is a handy quick reference to verify that the correct value is entered. Similarly, ASCII charters may only be programmed as the code value instead of the alpha numeric characters.

With iHexview, debugging binary bit states in a byte, word, or double word is visible on the Binary tab where the state of an individual bit can be toggled, and the value of bit field can be verified. The bit shift right or left buttons are helpful for debugging machine level code (like STL, Statement List) where the bit shift can be simulated for a given register value.

iHexView has been on the App Store for over nine years now.




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